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This is where future annual and interim reports and other financial information will be published.


Why invest in TPS?

  • TPS forest assets have high and stable growth.
  • High divided price ratio of 2/3 in dividends.
  • For every tree felled, TPS will reinvest 1/3 of future profits in new tree seedlings.
  • TPS aims to list the company’s shares on a trading venue (stock exchange) no earlier than 2025.
  • In addition to timber, future values in TPS are in values added in the form of furniture, flooring and carbon dioxide offsets, etc.
  • BGF is a strong and experienced partner of TPS.

Governments in the region aim to radically increase the countries’ forest habitats by 2030. This provides great security for a possible expansion in the countries where we operate, as the business is in line with the countries’ intentions.

The tree plantings are currently
undergoing a certification process with FSC,
Forest Stewardship Council,
which raises the value of products significantly.

Last but not least, an investment in TPS involves both an ecological and a social commitment.

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